Tuesday, 23/01/2018

Live demo of the project’s technologies at MWC’18 in Barcelona

The demonstration will take place in MWC 2018 "IoT & 5G Use Cases" conference session on Thursday, March 1st, 12:00 - 13:00

ONE5G will participate in MWC’18 in Barcelona, Spain with a live demonstration of the project’s technologies. The demonstration is about “Serving underserved areas through 5G (IoT and big data) technologies: A critical infrastructure and agricultural use case” and will be presented by consortium partner: WINGS ICT Solutions. It gives emphasis on main benefits such as efficiency of 5G technologies in supporting the requirements in rural and suburban areas(underserved areas) and in the management of critical infrastructures; technologies for serving traffic mMTC, eMBB (when needed), URLLC (under conditions); achieving low cost (CAPEX/OPEX) through flexible creation and management of slices.

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